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Our accountants at Ebrahimi Accounting provide, tax advisory, income tax filing, tax auditing, bookkeeping, and, financial, and business consulting services.
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Our Tax & Accounting Services

For over 26 years, our accountants at Ebrahimi Accounting have been providing Vancouver with a full range of accounting services, such as, tax preparation, income tax filing, tax consulting, financial and business planning, financial statement prep, estate planning, bookkeeping, and more! Using the latest accounting software, Ebrahimi Accounting is your tax and accounting solution. We can automate tasks you hate doing, allowing you to focus more on achieving your long-term goals.

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Save On Personal Taxes

Personal Tax Credits

Our personal income tax accountants are keeping themselves constantly up to date with personal tax credit deductions that are available by the BC government. During the tax season, our accounts will focus on identifying eligible tax credits when filing your taxes, helping you to save the most during tax season. Tax credits vary based on income, investments, training, education, and any relatable expenses.

Save on Business Taxes

Business Tax Credits

Are you a business owner? Did you know you may be eligible for tax credits during tax season? There are tons of tax credits available that business can benefit from. Visit our small business tax filing on how we can help you save during tax season, or, visit the B.C. Government website for eligible industries.

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Why Choose Ebrahimi Accounting as Your Vancouver Accounting Firm?

Ebrahimi Accounting is a recognized Vancouver leader in the fields of accounting, tax filing, consulting, financial statement preparation, and business advisory services. Our accountants first being with assessing your personal and business financial position, recognizing areas of improvement to help you reduce costs, risks, and finding opportunities to help you grow.

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Personal Connections

Every client builds a long lasting relationship with our dedicated accountant or bookkeeping professionals.

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Expert Knowledge

With decades of experience across all industries; our accountants execute the perfect personalized plan.

reliable financial services

Reliable Accountants

Our greatest asset are our clients.  That's how we've built a reputation as Vancouver's most trusted accounts.

fair pricing services

Fair Pricing

We plan out a fixed pricing for you based on your needs, budget, and transaction volume.

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Available Support

Our services include a dedicated team that is available when you need any assistance, anytime.

Accounting transition

Smooth Transition

We ensure to capture all your deliverables to so there are no operation disruptions.

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The very best relationships are when both parties benefit. Ebrahimi Accounting have served both business and individuals in Vancouver for over 26 years. We take the time to know you — and understand your goals. We're committed to providing services that put our you first.

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Vancouver Accounting Experts for +26 years.

Ebrahimi Accounting is your one-stop-firm, we handle all your accounting needs including bookkeeping, corporate tax filings, personal tax filings, HST, payroll and more. Learn more below.

Personal Tax Return

Spring is usually the time when most individuals look for a personal income tax accountant in Vancouver. Ebrahimi Accounting assists in finalizing and filing personal income tax return or T1 returns for Vancouverites on a annual basis and has developed a reputation to helping save clients hard earned income.

Small Business Tax Return

We are a full service accounting firm, providing a variety of tax services, including, small business tax services; our accountants can act as your corporate tax accountant in our Vancouver office, or remotely to businesses located in Burnaby, Coquitlam, Surrey, Langley, Richmond, and, provide corporate tax services anywhere else in the BC. Our accountants can also work with you remotely.

Financial Statement Preparation

Our Accountants dedicate their time, energy and professional expertise to help our clients with preparing business financial statements in Vancouver. Professionally organized business financial statements in Vancouver makes it accessible for all users of the financial statements to understand your business operation. Strong and accurate financial statements is crucial to any business, and can be utilized on make correct business decisions.


Our bookkeepers at Ebrahimi Accounting share a single core mission, to provide clients with reliable and accurate bookkeeping services in Vancouver. Helping you focus more on your business goals.

Build a Business Plan

Need to raise investment capital to enhance your business on success? We have helped hundreds of B.C and Canadian entrepreneurs to develop custom, and professionally written business plans that demonstrate their business operation and, highlight their vision and ideas.

Our accountants are committed to providing world class services to our clients. Famous for professional consulting and tax accounting services, we provide services to vast industries across the BC.

More About Us
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Ebrahimi Accounting is a group of creative, driven, and experienced accountants local to Vancouver with a common philosophy that, our success begins with success of yours. Our high standards, combined with, our specialized accounting team have your best accounting interest at heart, this is what differentiates us from competing accounting firms. 

We aim to help every single client to save their hard earned income through smart accounting, strategic tax deductions, and tax credits offered by the government of British Columbia. We accomplish our goals by, increasing our clients accounting knowledge, teaching them the importance of great accounting, and, making them feel at home as soon as they walk into our downtown office.

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Our Execution

Our accountants & tax specialists at Ebrahimi Accounting have a proactive approach. We believe that tax services should be a consistent service, thoroughly provided year-round.

From precise planning and preparation to pinpointing opportunities, minimizing your current and future liabilities. Although majority join us for help during tax season, we also offer assistance all year round.

Meaningful, well-organized accounting ensure that your business operations run efficiently on a daily basis. Our firm provides a range of cost-effective accounting services, including support for QuickBooks and other accounting software, all while guiding newly established businesses to form the correct accounting practices.

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Kia Lighvani
Kia Lighvani
Very Honest & Knowledgeable

I highly recommend Ebrahimi Accounting services. His team are very honest and knowledgeable. I highly would recommend their accountants if you need to file your income tax return!

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Vancar Inc
Best Accountant in Vancouver!

We used Ebrahimi Accounting tax services this year for our business tax filing. His accountants where very friendly and helpful explaining the ins and outs of taxes and how we could save through tax credits.

picture of Saba Najafi
Saba Najafi
Happy Customer

I'm super happy with the services I receive from Mr. Ebrahimi. I've been coming to Ebrahimi Accounting regarding my annual income tax filing, and his team never fails to impress me. Recommend him 100% 👌🏼

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