Accounting For Entertainment

Accounting For Entertainment

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Tax & Accounting for Film & Entertainment

Production capitalization, expense recognition, distribution accounting, payments to talent, studios, and producers, are just some of the challenges that are faced in the entertainment industry.

Being one of the biggest industries in BC, the entertainment industry is a core focus at Ebrahimi Accounting. In front of the camera or behind the camera, we provide tax consulting and compliance, and business management, for the full spectrum of the entertainment industry. Our team of tax, business management, and audit accountant team understand the key business issues that impact the top and bottom line.

We understand the tax and accounting issues that arise during a production cycle, from script development to pre-production, production, post-production, marketing, distribution, and release. Revenue and expense recognition, production capitalization, distribution accounting, payments to talents, studios, and producers, are just some of the challenges facing the entertainment industry.

At Ebrahimi Accounting, our accountants assist our film, and television clients accessing film tax credit programs offered by the BC and Canadian governments. We help clients take advantage of these credits to improve production funding and quality. Given the high costs and risks associated with the entertainment industry, it is critical that we bring you solutions to help optimize cash flow, provide tax savings, and manage risk.

Ebrahimi Accounting for Filmmaking & Entertainment

Producers owners are constantly faced with challenges when managing their business.

We provide professional tax preparation, bookkeeping, and accountants that specialize in complex tax matters for self-employed individuals in the entertainment industry, or small production companies. Our skilled accountants have a vast experience with all aspects of tax and accounting within the media and entertainment industry. Leave the numbers to us, and spend more time your art, and production.

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