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Last Year, this time, I was drowning in debt, barely able to afford the interest on my credit card, let alone make any progress to paying it off. I was stubborn and kept thinking, "things will turn around, I will just work harder and eventually get out of it." After a while, I knew help was needed. After my first meeting with Ebrahimi at the Vancouver office, my stress levels subsided and I had hope again.

Homejoy Development

Mr. Ebrahimi has been my and my family's accountant for almost ten years, and I’m delighted with their work. They always provide clear, regular updates and meet all deadlines before or on time. Mr.Ebrahimi is a reliable and trustworthy accountant who has helped me save money and avoid unnecessary expenses. They have a solid knowledge of accounting principles and financial statement analysis. Mr. Ebrahmi is an excellent accountant who goes above and beyond to deliver quality service to clients. They are always responsive, courteous, and professional. Thank you for the years of excellent service, and we keep referring our friends to you.

Alireza Esmaeelzadeh

Professionalism, Quality, Value
we have been using Ebrahimi accounting for 9 years in row, and couldn't be more happier. A hassle-free experience. I would highly recommend it for personal and even corporation taxation accounting services.

Shaun Pourian(Owner of Vanheat Services LTD)