Business Plan Services

Business Plan Services

Everything you need to for a strong business plan

Business Plan Services In Vancouver Today

Whether you are looking to receive $10,000 or $1 million to fund and invest into your business, a professional and solid business plan is your strongest asset to represent your business.

Ebrahimi Accounting can help you to lay out your business idea, present your business financials and develop the most viable business plan strategy for success through the help of constructing a professional business plan.

The difference between a professionally written business plan or a badly developed business plan could make a huge difference when looking into loans or funding capitol. Our business plan writers are able to work with you remotely from our downtown office for your most convenience.

Every business is unique and has its own set of obstacle challenges. Our business plan writers and consultants will build your business plan from scratch to fit the specific needs of your company and build your confidence on your road to success. First impression is key with investors and lenders.

  • Formulation of Business Plan Layout
  • Establish Company Profiles
  • Create Market Research
  • Formulate Sales & Marketing Strategies
  • Highlight Operations Details
  • Represent Company Financials
  • Project Budgeting
  • Feature Pricing Structure
  • Preparation & Verification for Grants, Loans & Investors

A detailed and well-drafted business plan is the vital to making your path to funding smooth and successful. Our business plan writers and consultants ensure you are completely prepared for your investor, bank, or grant meeting.

We will help you establish and formulate the key aspects of your business, providing the economic advantage of your current competitors.

How we can help with your business plan

Better Business Plans With Ebrahimi Accounting

Beautifully Designed

We don’t write your ideas onto a document. We also brainstorm, market research, and consult you the best strategies to grow your business.

Cost Effective With Results

Business plans are not just created for developing your business, but also, to raise capitol. Therefore, it shouldn't be a costly to build one.

More than Just a Business Plan

We help you to build a website, and implement effective marketing by connecting you to our professional connections.

Grants & Funding

We understand the requirements of all lenders and investors. Our clients also get access to our investor and bank network.

Fully Personalized

No templates. We strategize with you to build a personalized business plan that represents your unique vision.

Industry Connections

we've built connections with Vancouver's finest lawyers, mortgage brokers, financers, and marketing professionals. All important connections!

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Additional Services for New Businesses

The roadmap to any successful business, whether a start-up or established starts with the formulation of a solid business plan, marketing, finance, legal, and accounting team. Our conservative nature serves to ensure that not only the foundation of your new business is strong, but also remains strong, with strong growth, this becomes available with access to a powerful accounting team, strong business planning, financing to reach long-term goals, and a solid legal team if any problems arise. We will connect you with industry professionals so you can succeed.

Accounting Services

Create sound roadmap that outlines your business proposal, its strategy, and financial forecast. Business plans are a great tool to seek investments in your business.

Financial Consulting

Strong financial planning is essential to keeping a business running smoothly, and locating opportunities. We help you get financing, purchasing/leasing property, and managing your finances.

Financial Statements

Accountants formulate balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, and statements of shareholder equity for businesses.

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The very best relationships are when both parties benefit. Ebrahimi Accounting have served both business and individuals in Vancouver for over 26 years. We take the time to know you — and understand your goals. We're committed to providing services that put our you first.

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