Mergers & Acquisitions Services

Mergers & Acquisitions Services

We have a proven process, track record, and commitment to excellence.

What We Offer

Ebrahimi Accounting can help in the mergers & acquisitions process to ensure your goals are met. Whether your company is buying, selling, financing or re-investing, we will ensure a smooth process.

Every transaction is unique, even if it is your first time, our experts ensure a comprehensive process and hands-on service is provided business, management, and owners with step-by-step guidance, from organizing to the sale and close. Whichever the circumstances are, our specialists have the experience and knowledge to support you.

Business Mergers & Acquisitions

We advise clients regarding the many issues relating to opening, buying or selling a practice. We advise on preparation of a business plan, cash flow projections, bank negotiations, negotiations with vendor, purchaser or landlord, lease versus buy, assets versus shares, cost-sharing versus partnership, review of premises lease for tax issues, and establishing identity with various governing authorities, and choice of entity.

There are many considerations in determining the appropriate choice of entity. We provide analysis and recommendations regarding sole proprietorship, professional corporations, technical or hygiene service corporations, and trusts. It is also important to determine if a change in entity choice is warranted during the life of the business.


  • Ensuring client books attractive to buyers and compliant with the standards.
  • Preparing reviewed or audited financials if required.
  • Preparing financials and projections to include company’s offering memorandum.
  • Analyze offers and advice on deal structure to ensure maximum value and tax efficiency.


  • Defining client’s purchasing criteria including financial targets, industry verticals, and geographic location.
  • Analyzing the target financials and advising on valuations.
  • Analyzing & assisting price and deal structure to ensure tax efficiency.
  • Providing a Quality of Earnings reports if required.
  • Assisting in producing necessary financial reports to satisfy lender requirments.

Tax & Accounting catered JUST for you.

Why Ebrahimi Accounting?

At Ebrahimi Accounting we take pride in offering tailored service to each client we serve with the reliability and consistency one should expect from their tax service provider. We are locals. With our office in downtown, Vancouver. We know the local area and we take pride in our community. Here at Ebrahimi Accounting, our clients’ and their success is our priority number one priority.

What We Do

We are who we are because we enjoy watching individuals grow and thrive in life.

As a diverse, dynamic company and longtime member of the Vancouver community, we strive to provide premium services and resources with the help of our expertly trained team and seasoned leaders whom truly care about the needs of those they serve.

How We Do It

We have a proactive approach. We believe that tax services should be a consistent service, thoroughly provided year-round. Through concise planning, preparation, and open communication with clients, our goal is to predict future needs and concerns so that we can address them head-on.

With over 26 years operating in the industry, we strive to provide premium services and resources with the help of our expertly trained team and seasoned leaders, whom truly care about the needs of those they serve.


Strategic Merger & Acquisition Transaction

M&A Due Diligence

Get a full perspective of all the financial and operational aspects of your deal. We also fully analyze reports seeking anything that might be a concern.

Post Integration

Increase the odds of your successful transition and maintain your success with our list of helpful services.

Success Planning

Protect your business, its future legacy and reputation with a well-executed succession plan.

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