Estate Planning

Estate Planning

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Estate & Trust Planning Services In Vancouver

Estate and trust tax preparation and planning are an important part of managing your financial future, and equally as important is protecting your legacy and leaving it to the proper members in your life that you desire.

It is a crucial process for everyone, especially if you have a spouse, children or own a business. As your trusted advisors, we help you develop an estate and trust plan that protects wealth and minimizes any tax burden on you or your loved ones.

While protecting your assets is critical to ensure financial security for your loved ones, we know that estate planning and trust tax return preparation is not easy and often requires specialized knowledge and expertise. We offer our expertise affordably.

At Ebrahimi Accounting, we provide estate planning services in Vancouver for you, and your family as well. We help you create a plan that you like.

Our experts at Ebrahimi Accounting can help with:

  • Plan your retirement.
  • Estate and trust consulting.
  • Instituting a method for how your family, or desired individual receive funds, investments, and property from the estate.
  • Consult, and resolve possible conflicts that may arise after your passing.
  • Establishing any tax planning strategy through tax credits to help minimize estate taxation.

Serving Vancouver for +26 years, our estate planning specialists understand the difficulties that may arise regarding estate planning. Therefore, we focus on making the process a smooth, and favorable process for everyone.


Estate Accounting & Taxation

Our Accountants at Ebrahimi Accounting provide bookkeeping and account reporting services for Estates and Trusts, this includes, compilation of Estate accounts, and formal representation for courts.

Estate & Trust Tax Services:

  • T1 tax returns for the year of death
  • Estate T3 tax returns
  • Ongoing Trust T3 tax returns
  • Preparing T4 tax slip
  • Obtaining a Tax Clearance Certificate(s)
  • Review and adjust prior years T1 tax returns
  • Advise on tax planning opportunities
  • Determine capital gains & losses on deemed disposition of assets.
  • Request for T2062
  • Assist non-resident with Canadian tax compliance on Estates

There are a number of tax credits that business may be qualify for. For more detailed information on these programs, including eligibility and how to claim the tax credits, please visit the B.C. Government website.

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Why Choose Ebrahimi Accounting?

Our accountants ensure a stress-free process when transferring your assets. We will work closely with you during retirement planning, estate planning, and by, planning, and connect you with lawyers to draft your will. Although Estate planning is a complex process, our professionals are here to make it smooth and easy.

From precise planning and preparation to pinpointing opportunities, minimizing your current and future liabilities. Although majority join us for help during tax season, we also offer assistance all year round.

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The very best relationships are when both parties benefit. Ebrahimi Accounting have served both business and individuals in Vancouver for over 26 years. We take the time to know you — and understand your goals. We're committed to providing services that put our you first.

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